Geologiske applikasjoner for smarttelefoner og nettbrett

Tabellen over geologiske applikasjoner er delvis kompilert av “Circum- Arctic for everyone” prosjektet som ble det tildelt UNIS og deres partnere av det Arktiske Universitet.

Software nameLicensingDeveloped byComments
Digital data acquisition using built-in sensors, useful for fieldwork
FieldMoveca. 30usdMidland ValleyDigital fieldbook for iPad, including clinometer
FieldMoveClinoFree - 5usdMidland ValleyiPhone tool for digital structural measurements
iSeismometerFreeObjectGraphInteractive seismometer sensitive to motion. Data can be recorded and shared. Last updated 2011
TheodoliteCommercialHunter ResearchAdvanced surveying, including dip, elevation, GPS position and calculations of height etc.
TrackerFreeSimple GPS tracker that can generate a .gpx track and share it by email
iSetSquareCommercialplaincodeGeometry triangle tool to measure angles and distances. Also included in Sensor Utility bundles
MagnetMeterMeasures magnetic field and acceleration
GeoIDDigital clinometer with plotting function
GPX TrackerMore advanced GPS tracker that generates GPX files for sharing
ClinometerClinometer app
StereonetFreeRichard AllmendigerDigital compass/clinometer. Allows manual data collection
FaultKin MobileFreeRichard AllmendigerFault kinematics
StratMobileAllows acquisition of stratigraphic log
Reference tools for offline maps, documents, stratigraphic charts, minerals etc.
GeoviewerFree (55nok for pro version)LizardtechVisualisation of geospatial data, useful for example for geological maps on Svalbard
NorgesGeologiFreeKjetil IndreværDigital geological maps of mainland Norway
MohsScaleFree/paidCanada IncDigital version of Mohs' hardness scale - including database of minerals
iStratFreeNorecoDigital version of the NORLEX stratigraphic chart of the Norwegian Continental Shelf (incl. Svalbard)
Documents 6FreeReaddle IncDocument managing system. Can also include videos saved directly from YouTube etc. (tutorials) and pdfs like reading lists, maps etc.
Virtual field trips and other experience-based apps
SwampForest/CoveForestFreeBasic "virtual field trips"
GEOroutesFreeGround-based "field trip" app similar to Geocaching. Follows global "Geoparks", only few localities at present
Google ExpeditionsGoogleApp to allow whole class to conduct a virtual expedition together to select sites
Reference tools for offline maps, documents, stratigraphic charts, minerals etc.
BP Stats ReviewFreeBPDigital version of BP's annual world energy review
i-InfoTerre/InfoGeolFreeBGRMIntegrated tools for visualizing various geological data (in France)
geoToolsAlta ResolucaoApp providing magnetic and gravity properties from global data - and basic Geo-UTM conversion
GeoTimeScaleTasaGraphicsSimple geological time scale down to ages, with some key events marked
Mineral IDAid to determine minerals
GlossaryGeological terms glossary
Educational apps with geological theme
EpicenterFreeBlue RocketBasic map showing recent large earthquakes globally, nice globe as background
EarthObserverFreeLamont DohertyDisplay and co-rendering of numerous global (and Arctic) datasets (e.g. geological maps etc.). Needs update
Oil FactsFreeNPDAccess to most of the NPD FactPages and FactMaps
Google Earth Mobile version of the well-known Google Earth application
Useful miscellaneous tools
3DPDFReaderFreeTechSoft 3DVisualisation of 3D models - uses 3d PDF format that needs to be optimized using Adobe Pro
123DCatch etcDiscontinued in 2017Various tools for visualization and generation of 3D models on iPhone/iPad
Camera!CommercialMore advanced camera app than standard one
DictaphoneFree/paidRecording app - sharing requires the commercial version
Sensor Kinetics Pro11NOKDov FeinsteinApp to read and record smartphone sensors in real-time
ArcGISESRI's main ArcGIS app - including a global base map
TrnioFreeJan-Michael TresslerApp to directly take or upload photos, make a 3D model and share to Sketchfab
GISProLicensingGarafaGIS-based field app, possible to add features and to export to example Arcmap and qGIS
Adobe Acrobat ReaderFreeAdobeClassic Adobe Reader but including a useful "on-the-fly" scanning to pdf function useful for digitizing reports etc.
DJI GoFreeDJIControlling app for DJI's drones
LitchiCommercialVC technologyExtra features for controlling drones - including object tracking
DroneDeployFreePlan drone missions for automatic photo making of specific area.
SkycatchFreePlan drone missions for automatic photo making of specific area
Airdata UAVDrone measuring app
Pix 4D captureDrone control app to acquire data for 3D processing in Pix 4D