Geolearning Forum


iEarth aims to create a meeting place for teachers in geoscience from all over the country to exchange experiences and learn from each other. Teacher’s Retreat was created to cover this purpose with the goal of making it an annual event. The locality for the retreat will change from year to year to facilitate easy access for all teachers in Norway.


The Geolearning Forum 2021 will be held the 21th and 22nd of October.



Geolearning forum in 2020 will be held the 13th and 14th of October. Due to the Covid-19 situation, the forum will be arranged with digital keynotes and local workshops.

Program: GeoLearning Forum 2020 Program



In 2019, we changed the name from Teachers Retreat to Geolearning forum. 50 instructors were gathered in Forskningsparken, Oslo for two days of full program.

These were some of the workshops held:

  • Towards excellence in higher education. Led by Petter Holm, UiT.
  • How to make a student learning assessment tool? Led by Kristian Haaga, Tor Einar Møller and Bjarte Hannisdal, UiB.
  • Workshop for Young Researchers: The basics of scientific teaching, by Åsmund H. Eikenes from KURT, UiO
  • Learning-by-doing in the laboratoryby Frank Guldstrand, Olivier Galland, Karen Mair, UiO.
  • Recruitment workshop led by Hanne H. Christiansen, UNIS.
  • How can science education be renewed? By Knut M. Mørken, UiO 


In September 2018, 30 teachers were gathered at Geilo for Teacher’s Retreat. The news article can be read here.

Presentations of talks and workshops:

Jørgensen Why active teaching

Jørgensen Skrivetrening workshop

Walderhaug om endringer i forutsetninger

Walderhaug om generisk kompetanse

Lundmark Har den digitala revolusjonen kommit