Useful software


The digital resources found in this table have been partially compiled by the “Circum- Arctic for Everyone” Project awarded to UNIS and partners by the University of Arctic. Read more about the project here:


Software nameLicensingCommentsDeveloped byURLReference
Virtual outcrop processing
MetaShape (previously PhotoScan)ca. 4000 NOK/academic licenseUser-friendly photogrammetry processing packageAgisoft
MicMacOpen sourceOpen source photogrammetric software
Pix4DPhotogrammetry software
Virtual outcrop interpretation, visualisation and analysis
LimeLow cost academic feeVirtual outcrop interpretation, new functionality on data integration/co-renderingVOG Group, NORCE Buckley et al. (2019)
VRGSLow cost academic feeVirtual outcrop interpretation packageUniversity of Manchesterwww.vrgeoscience.comRarity et al. (2014)
MoveFree academicStructural geology and geomapping tool, seamless integration with FieldMove and Petrel, visualizes .obj filesMidland Valley
PlaneDetectAcademic license agreementAutomatic detection of fracture planes on meshed surfacesNorwegian Geotechnical Institute
CloudCompareOpen sourceOpen source point cloud visualisation and analysis package
MeshLabOpen sourceConversion of various file formats
Safari DatabaseMostly for subscribers onlyGlobal catalogue of virtual outcrop models as reservoir analogues. Public part open.
ErockOpen accessCatalogue of global virtual outcrop models, sorted by University of
SketchFabOnline display of 3D models
3D data integration packages
SvalSimFree academicHeavily used in Svalex expeditions, run for multi-disciplinary student teams in Svalbard until 2013StatoilSaether et al. (2004)
Google EarthFreeEasy to use, poor "base map" coverage in many Arctic areasGoogle
Google Earth on webFree academicBrowser version of Google EarthGoogle,0,-24018.82718741a,36750128.22569847d,35y,0h,0t,0r/data=CgAoAQ
Google Earth EngineBy sign upIncludes a wealth of geospatial data for Earth scienceGoogle
Spatial and geographic systems
ArcGIS (Pro)License fee appliesPowerful GIS softwareESRI
Drone2MapLicense fee appliesArcGIS plug-in for detailed virtual outcrop acquisition using dronesESRI
qGISOpen sourcePowerful GIS software
Virtual reality and other immersive systems
MOSISBy agreementImmersive virtual outcrop visualization and interpretationUnisinos,
Tools and plug-ins
Blueback ToolboxFree academicPetrel plug-in for various tasks, including map and profile digitization Cegal
3D PublisherLicense fee appliesPetrel plug-in for generating 3D pdfs from Petrel 3D window (e.g., seismic, wells, surfaces, faults etc.)Mirage
PointCloudVizLicense fee appliesPetrel plug-in for visualising textured point clouds in PetrelMirage
VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimateca. 50eur per licenseGenerate VR videos from normal videosVideoSolo