Educational software



SoftwareFunctionPricing (G = Free; B = Payment)
PreziMake online presentationsG, B
MenimeterMake interactive presentations with questionnaires includedG, B
Pear DeskMake interactive presentationsG, B
PlayPositMake recorded movies interactive by adding questions and tasksG, B
Poll EverywhereMake presentations with questionnairesG, B
SocrativeMake exercises and games for telephone, tablets and PCG, B
Kahoot!Make anonymous quizzes for phones, tablets and PCsG
NearPodMake questionnaires, interactive quizzes, open-end questions and slideshowsG, B
QuizletMake questionnaires, exercises and otherG, B
Google FormsMake interactive questionnaires and analyse the resultG
TimelineLet the students make their own interactive timelinesG
CacooSky-based charts, team up and commentB
CoggleCreate and share mind mapsG, B
iBrainstormA digital brainstorming program for collaboration and sharingG
LinoShare ideas and picturesG
WordleGenerate word cloudsG
XmindCreate mind maps and flow chartsG, B
Word SaladApplication generating word cloudsG
Answer GardenLive word cloud that provides anonymous overview of feedbackG
FlipGridOnline discussions through film and audioG, B
FormativePlatform to generate tasks and tests with focus on formative assessmentG, B
The Answer PadA digital system for solving tasks and giving feedbackG, B
GoSoapBoxResponse system - quiz, Q & A, "confused barometer" etc.G, B
KaizenaFeedback program, implements in Google programsG
PeergradeProgram for feedback between student - lecturer and student - studentG, B
PiazzaProgram for discussions and feedback - implemented in CanvasG
PlickersResponse system with card being scannedG
Queue"Twitter" for teachers and students. Questions and answers via text or filmG
DotstormingProgram for votingG
ProProfsProduce quizzes, learning programs, surveys, flashcards etc.B
Blackboard CollaborateWebinar tool - made for educationB
ZoomWebinar toolB
Adobe ConnectWebinar toolG, B
Skype Meeting BroadcastWebinar toolG, B
GoTo WebinarWebinar toolB
Cisco WebXWebinar toolB
Click meetingWebinar toolB
TopHatE-learning systemB
GoClassE-learning systenB