There are several free softwears available for geologists. Below are some listed, most of them with a free license og free for academics.


Software nameLicensingDeveloped byComments
LimeFree academicUni Research CIPRBest-in-class virtual outcrop interpretation, new functionality on data integration/co-rendering
SvalSimFree academicStatoilHeavily used in Svalex expeditions.
Google EarthFreeGoogleEasy to use, poor "base map" coverage in many Arctic areas
Google Earth EnterpriseGoogleJens Grimsgaard, Statoil, presentation at VGC2016
VRGSFree academicUni Manchester3D data visualisation and interpretation software tool
MoveFree academicMidland ValleyStructural geology and geomapping tool, seamless integration with FieldMove and Petrel, visualizes .obj files
PetrelFree academicSchlumbergerIntegration tool with limitless possibilities - overwhelming for novice users but powerful with training
Blueback ToolboxFree academicCegalPlug-in for import of e.g.,
3D PublisherLicense fee appliesMiragePetrel plug-in for generating 3D pdfs from Petrel 3D window (e.g., seismic, wells, surfaces, faults etc.)
PointCloudVizFreeMiragePetrel plug-in for visualising textured point clouds in Petrel
PhotoScanca 4000 NOK/academic licenseAgisoftuser-friendly photogrammetry processing package
CloudCompareOpen sourceEDF3D point cloud and mesh processing software
MicMacOpen sourceIGN and ENSGPhotogrammetric suite that can be used in a variety of 3D reconstruction scenarios
ArcGISLicense fee appliesesriGeographic information system
GeoIllustratorUiBDigitally model and illustrate geological data and geological concepts
MeshLabOpen sourceVisual Computing LabConversion of various file formats
SketchFabSketchFabonline display of 3D models
Safari DatabaseWorld's premier catalogue of virtual outcrop models as reservoir analogues. Public part open.
VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimateca 50eur per licenseVideoSoloGenerte VR videos from normal videos
StereonetFree academicRick AllmendingerCollect, visualize and analyze geological orientation data
FaultKinFree academicRick AllmendingerFault slip analysis program
GMDE (GeolMapDataExtractor)Free academicRick AllmendingerExtract information from a scan (raster image) of a geologic map or image of known scale
SG2PS (Structural Geology to Post Script Converter)Open sourceÁgoston SasváriA graphical solution for brittle structural data evaluation and paleostress calculation
Stereonet3DFree academicNestor Cardozo, UiSVisialize and analyze geological orientation data
GeoKalkFree academicNestor Cardozo, UiSCalculator for vectors and tensors to be used in structural geology
SSPXFree academicNestor Cardozo, UiSFledged inverse modelling program
Trishear3DFree academicNestor Cardozo, UiSProgram to run 3D, forward trishear models
BackstripFree academicNestor Cardozo, UiSProgram to perform backstripping
Flex2DFree academicNestor Cardozo, UiSProgram to calculate and model crustal loads
DRAWxtlFreeLarry W. Finger, Martin Kroeker, and Brian H. TobyProgram to display crystal structures
GibbsFreeFrank S. SpearProgram to perform thermodynamic calculations of heterogeneous phase equilibria
GTB (GeoThermoBarometry)FreeMatthew J. Kohn and Frank S. SpearProgram to perfom calculations of geothermometers and geobarometers and to plot in a P-T diagram
TetPlotFreeFrank S. SpearDraw tetrahedral phase diagrams
JcrystalLicenseJCrystalSoftCreating, editing, displaying and deploying crystal shapes
KrystalShaperLicenseJCrystalSoftCrystal shape editing program
GEOrientFree academicRod HolcombeStereographic projections, rose diagrams, wind roses
GeoCalculatorFree academicRod HolcombeStructural geology and oriented drillcore calculator
Strain & Shear CalculatorFreeRod HolcombeStrain and shear zone calculations, including general plane strain shear
GeoFryPlotsFreeRod HolcombeFry point-to-point strain analysis plots
GhoshFlowFreeRod HolcombeModelling Ghosh & Ramberg-style rotation of rigid objects
GCDkit (GeoChemical Data toolkit)FreeJanoušek, V., Farrow, C. M. & ErbanHandling and recalculation of whole-rock analyses from igneous rocks
PINGU (Petrological Input - Graphical output)FreeJoaquin Alberto Cortes and Jose L. PalmaPlotting standard major element and trace elements diagrams
Ternary Plot 5LicensePierre A. ZippiAnalytical and plotting application that normalizes and plots three values.
Tri-PlotFreeDavid Graham and Nicholas MidgleyExcel spreadsheet for the preparation of triangular (ternary) diagrams for particle-shape and tri-variate data
TriPlotFreeTodd ThompsonA trilinear-diagram plotting program
ProSim Ternary DiagramFreeProSimDraw ternary diagrams of three components mixtures from experimental data
ggternFreeNicholas HamiltonA package for R for the plotting of ternary diagrams