Survey on the use of technology in University Teaching – Before and after the pandemic

The goal of this survey is to study how technology is used in university geoscience teaching and how the pandemic has changed this. Technology in university teaching, including the geosciences, is very important as most geoscientists use technologies in their professional work. Typical examples of technology in geoscience include microscopes, computers and computer programming, laboratory experiments and collection of field data using drones.
In addition to these types of technology, which might be considered essential, in the sense that the course can not be taught without them, there also is technology that is
This categorization of technology into essential and non-essential technology is a
useful starting point for further discussions on technology in teaching (see also the
reference below). Another aspect is the use of teaching methods when teaching a certain technology. In most, if not all, cases it is convenient to use active learning methods when teaching technology.

By soliciting this survey we hope to gain a better understanding of how university
teachers use technology in their teaching, and in particular the above mentioned

The results of this survey will be presented at a SOTL (scholarship of teaching and
learning) conference.

Elise Myhren Stordahl, Karen Mair, Björn Nyberg, Henk Keers conducting this studyKeers, H., A Salvanes, J. Grytnes, R. Waagbø, 2017.How technologies motivate and enhance student learning. 2nd EuroSOTL conference, Lund, Sweden.

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