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Institutt for geovitenskap,
Allégaten 41, 3 etg.


Sem Sælands vei 1
0316 Oslo


Institutt for geovitenskap
Dramsveien 201
N-9037 Tromsø


The University Centre in Svalbard
N-9171 Longyearbyen



The iEarth team

Jostein Bakke
Professor, UiB

Project leader of the national consortium since the beginning in 2016.

Hanne Hvidtfeldt Christiansen
Department leader, UNIS

Field learning

Bjarte Hannisdal
Åse Hestnes
Network coordinator

Advisor and network coordinator of the iEarth consortium. 

Andy Hodson
Professor, UNIS

Feild learning.

Lena M. Håkansson
Associate professor, UNIS

Responsible for progress domain 4

Field learning

Maria Jensen
Associate professor, UNIS

Focus on fieldwork and the connection between learning i field and in the classroom. 

Serianna Kvarøy
Student, UiB

iEarth student representative at UiB. 

Anders Mattias Lundmark
Associate professor, UiO

Responsible for progress domain 3

A culture for teaching

Rie Hjørnegaard Malm
Doctoral Research Fellow, UiO

Doctoral Research Fellow in geoscience education. Resonsible for baseline mapping of geosciences programs in iEarth. 

Iver Martens
Assistant Professor, UiT

Responsible for progress domain 5

Alumni & Outreach

Ivar Nordmo
Associate professor, UiB

Focus on learning and teaching in higher education. 

Anders Schomacker
Professor, UiT

Responsible for progress domain 2

Student learning environment

Matz Sagebakken Slotnes
Student, UiB

iEarth student representative at UiB.