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Rie Malm is defending her thesis!

PhD candidate Rie Malm is defending her thesis “What is fieldwork for? Exploring Roles of Fieldwork in Higher Education Earth Science” Thursday 28th of January! Rie has worked along side iEarth and will be presenting some really interesting research. Her disputation is digital so if you are interested in field learning please find the link […]

iEarth Digital Learning Forum 14.01.2021

iEarth Digital Learning Forum – Katarina Mårtensson The first iEarth Digital Learning Forum of the semester was held on  Thursday the 14th of January and it featured a presentation  by Katarina Mårtensson, titled; Scholarship of teaching and learning – a way to develop higher education Katarina Mårtensson is senior lecturer and academic developer at Lund […]

Words from the leader

Summary of the first virtual semester of iEarth The first half year with iEarth as SFU is completed and the Christmas holiday is approaching, something we all need after a very hectic semester. These breaks we get from time to time are probably more important than one might think, especially this year! It has been […]

iEarth Digital Learning Forum – Mirjam G

Thursday the 17th of December we had the last iEarth Digital Learning Forum seminar in 2020. This time it was Mirjam Glessmer from GEO-Tag der Natur, Hamburg, Germany that presented her talk : The iEarth Christmas Lecture, in which you will discover exciting oceanography while sitting in front of your computer! Mirjam is starting as […]

The “GeoPraksis” project will spend 6.3

The “GeoPraksis” project will spend 6.3 million NOK on developing internships for bachelor students in the coming years

The “GeoPraksis” project will spend 6.3 million NOK on developing internships for bachelor students in the coming years The Internship project “GeoPraksis  -praksisordning for en arbeidsrelevant utdanning” have received 4.4 million NOK from DIKU. Find the link to the news update from the ministry of education here: The department for Geosciences at UiT, the […]

iEarth Digital Learning Forum 26.11.2020

iEarth Digital Learning Forum – Henrik H. Svensen The iEarth Digital Learning Forum seminar series continued  26th of November with Henrik H Svensen, Research Professor at CEED (UiO). His presentations is titled “From geology to Earth system science” and here is a short introduction to what he shared in his presentation: The students that follow […]

Students as Partners Workshop

Students as Partners Workshop

Students as partners workshop On November 16th iEarth hosted a digital half-day workshop on Students as Partners. Students and staff from the five iEarth institutions  came together to get inspired and gain a new perspective on the relationship between staff and students in higher education. The workshop explored why partnerships are important, how students and […]

iEarth Digital Learning Forum – 19.11.20

iEarth Digital Learning Forum – Torgny Roxå Thursday the 19th of November Torgny Roxå presented his talk titled “My passion is to understand large scale change in higher education” at iEarth Digital Learning Forum. Torgny Roxå, is an associate professor at Lund University (Sweden) and has 30 years of experience in academic development. He developed […]

DIKU network seminar

All the SFUs in Norway where gathered, digitally, at the DIKU network seminar 11-12 of November. This was an opportunity for the centres to learn about each other, share experiences and discuss challenges.  For this seminar, DIKU used a New innovative digital Conference platform called Gatherly. This relatively new platform mimicked an actual conference, with […]