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iEarth Digital learning Forum 06.05.21

iEarth Digital learning Forum – meet our PhDs! Thursday 5th of May we had our 4 new PhD students present themselves for the iEarth community. Our group of PhD students, together with our prof IIs  and our postdoctoral candidate make up the iEarth research group. The group is led by Anders Ahlberg, prof II at […]

Congratulation project fund recipients o...

Congratulation project fund recipients of spring 2021! We received 27 applications this year, 9 from UiB, 6 from UiT, 4 from UiO, 7 from UNIS and 1 from HVL. The proposals covered a wide range of themes including student involvement, SoTL, course and program development, software development, events, and virtual field components.  With so many […]

iEarth Digital Learning Forum – 22.04.20

iEarth Digital Learning Forum – Bjarte Hannisdal Thursday 22nd of April we heared from Progress Domain leader 1, Bjarte Hannisdal. His talk was titled: Earth Science Education: how do we connect the dots? “The iEarth vision is to build an earth science education for the future. We want to engage students, instructors, institutions and societal […]

iEarth Digital Learning Forum -08.04.202...

iEarth Digital Learning Forum – The iEarth Special On Thursday the 8th of April we hosted the iEarth Special seminar in the iEarth Digital Learning Forum. In this seminar we met all 5 progress domain leaders and they presented short updates about activities, recent developments and plans for 2021. Our Progress Domains and their leaders: […]

Meet the iEarth Research Group – Anders

Meet the iEarth Research Group – Anders Ahlberg

Meet the iEarth Research Group – Anders Ahlberg My name in Anders Ahlberg. I am an adjunct associate professor at the Department of Geosciences at the Arctic University of Norway (UiT) aside my permanent position at Engineering Education in Lund. My early career was devoted to geoscience teaching and research, in sedimentology. I then turned […]

iEarth Digital Learning Forum 25.03.2021

iEarth Digital Learning Forum – 25.03.2021 In the latest iEDLF we focused on the implementation of student reflections, with specific examples from Geov114 taught at UiB. We heard from; Isabela Darci, PhD candidate at the Department of Education investigating formative assessment and student engagement in active learning environments, Bjarte Hannisdal, Associate Professor at GEO, UiB, […]

iEarth Digital Learning forum 11.03.2021

iEarth Digital Learning Forum – Sehoya Cotner Thursday 11th of March we got to know Sehoya Cotner. She presented her talk  “Envisioning more equitable Higher Education” n higher education—and especially the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) disciplines–women, first-generation college students, and students belonging to certain racial or ethnic groups enter exhibit greater attrition than […]

Meet the iEarth Research Group

Meet the iEarth Research Group

Meet the iEarth Research Group – Torgny Roxå, academic developer and associated professor, Lund University, Centre for Engineering Education I’m Torgny Roxå and my job, my passion, is to influence higher education organisations and contexts towards better teaching and better education. I use a cultural approach where teachers are key to constructing and maintaining but also […]