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Finally we start again with iEarth Digit...

Finally we start again with iEarth Digital Learning Forum! The iEarth digital Learning forum is a weekly digital seminar for geoscience educators to share experiences, inspire and learn from each other. It promotes teaching collaborating across the nation and is an important tool to promote an open and innovative teaching culture within the geoscience community […]

iEarths Digital Learning Forum 03.06.21

iEarths Digital Learning Forum – Jypiter Notebook Thursday 3rd of  June iEarth and DIKU-SDG hosted a sharing session titled  “Implementing Jupyter Notebooks in teaching: opportunities and challenges” We  invited three educators who use Jupyter Notebooks in their teaching to share what has worked and what hasn’t worked for them. Lex Nederbragt is a senior lecturer […]

Progress Domain 1 – Shaping the Future:

Progress Domain 1 – Shaping the Future: The “Task Force” is operational!

Progress Domain 1 – Shaping the Future: The “Task Force” is operational! On Monday, May 10, the first instalment of the iEarth PD1 Task Force had its inaugural meeting at the UiB Læringslab. This pilot group consists of the PD1 leader and five colleagues from the UiB Department of Earth Science, a member of the […]

Stories from GeoIntern

Stories from GeoIntern This story was first published on the UiT website, written by Ola Jensvoll and translated to English by Anne Stensland Ola Jensvoll, Bachelor student at UiT, is among the students taking the course GeoIntern this spring and here is him sharing some of his experiences from being an intern at Skaland Graphite […]

Digital Career-day – UiB

Digital Career-day – UiB

Digital Career-day – UiB Tuesday the 11th of May the iEarth Students in Bergen hosted a digital career-day for their fellow students, for the second year in a row.   Before the event we had asked 13 representatives from industry and academia to create 10- 15 min videos describing their work life, the transition from being […]

iEarth Digital learning Forum 06.05.21

iEarth Digital learning Forum – meet our PhDs! Thursday 5th of May we had our 4 new PhD students present themselves for the iEarth community. Our group of PhD students, together with our prof IIs  and our postdoctoral candidate make up the iEarth research group. The group is led by Anders Ahlberg, prof II at […]

Congratulation project fund recipients o...

Congratulation project fund recipients of spring 2021! We received 27 applications this year, 9 from UiB, 6 from UiT, 4 from UiO, 7 from UNIS and 1 from HVL. The proposals covered a wide range of themes including student involvement, SoTL, course and program development, software development, events, and virtual field components.  With so many […]

iEarth Digital Learning Forum – 22.04.20

iEarth Digital Learning Forum – Bjarte Hannisdal Thursday 22nd of April we heared from Progress Domain leader 1, Bjarte Hannisdal. His talk was titled: Earth Science Education: how do we connect the dots? “The iEarth vision is to build an earth science education for the future. We want to engage students, instructors, institutions and societal […]

iEarth Digital Learning Forum -08.04.202...

iEarth Digital Learning Forum – The iEarth Special On Thursday the 8th of April we hosted the iEarth Special seminar in the iEarth Digital Learning Forum. In this seminar we met all 5 progress domain leaders and they presented short updates about activities, recent developments and plans for 2021. Our Progress Domains and their leaders: […]