iEarth Digital Learning Forum

The iEarth digital Learning forum is a weekly digital seminar for geoscience educators to share experiences, inspire and learn from each other. It promotes teaching collaborating across the nation and is an important tool to promote an open and innovative teaching culture within the geoscience community in Norway.


Here you can find previous presentations as recorded sessions 

My passion is to understand large scale change in higher education – presented by Torgny Roxå


Developing and monitoring a coherent educational research school of iEarth- presented by Anders Ahlberg


iEarth Progress Domain 3 presented by Mattias Lundmark 22.10.2020



National Geohazards Course presented by Mathilde B. Sørensen




Societal and Generic Competences in Science Education, presented by Jan Alexis Nielsen



Marine competence for the 21th, presented by Kikki Kleiven

Progress Domain 1 – presented by Bjarte Hannisdal 


How to apply for iEarth Project funding, presented by Iver Martens


 – Virtual Fieldtrip presented by Prof. Atle Rotevatn 

– How to use an iPad tablet as a white board by Prof. Harald Sodemann


The iEarth baseline survey, presented by Iver Martens


Blended Learning – Presented by associate professor Robert Grey


Svalbox – Presented by Kim Senger

How to apply for iEarth project funding – presented by Iver Martens