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The development of a digital database of threshold terms
– made for students, made by students


There is a demand for highly skilled Earth scientists to meet today’s societal challenges, and by focusing on a student active and research based learning environment, iEarth will facilitate for this gain in competence. By giving the students the possibility to acquire knowledge through collecting and visualizing geological terms and methods, we aim to make the students learn skills from outside their field of study and at the same time increasing the feeling of ownership within their field. Introducing the concept of threshold terms should guide the students to be able to identify necessary general competence for an education within natural science.

This project is a collaboration between scientific and technical staff at the Department of Earth science, UiB, and the DigUiB Learning and Communication Lab, UiB, where we guide students in identifying threshold terms, describing them and eventually visualizing them through filming. Besides gaining knowledge within geoscience, the students will get experience in using digital tools and the communication of science. Students from the Department of Geoscience at UiO have also produced similar films where the focus is on field methods.

We aim to build a database with short films available to all students on our webpage.

This project is supported by UiB incentive funding.


For more information about this project, contact:


Anne Stensland
Network coordinator, UiB
Jostein Bakke
Professor, UiB