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Progress Domain 5

Alumni and outreach


Photo: Iver Martens, UiT

Domain 5 focusses on establishing a close interaction between iEarth and potential employers across private and public sectors. This two-way interaction is essential to securing the broad societal relevance of the geoscience education. We will establish open and active alumni networks within and between the different iEarth institutions, to stay in touch with past graduates. These networks will enable us to inform potential future employers about the ongoing curriculum development, and to be responsive to what is required of tomorrow’s workforce. We will bring students in closer contact with potential future employers, primarily through internships. We will establish a database of internship solutions, and engage students with the opportunity to experience real-world problem solving in a different organization, and to expand their networks. Conversely, iEarth will inform the market about our candidates. We will promote and implement internships as an integrated part of the geoscience education, and empower our graduates to clearly articulate their skills and the broad relevance of their education.


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Iver Martens
Assistant Professor, UiT

Responsible for progress domain 5

Alumni & Outreach