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Progress Domain 4

Field learning


Photo: Lena Håkansson

Domain 4 focusses on the unique challenges and opportunities of field teaching. Field activities play an important role in geoscience knowledge integration, and are a key source of learning motivation for both students and teachers. There is, however, a risk that the effectiveness of learning in the field is outweighed by the fun of being outdoors. In iEarth we will investigate how field activities are best integrated in coherent learning progressions. A baseline survey of field teaching will be performed across the iEarth consortium. We will leverage the scholarship of teaching and learning to test new field learning activities and new forms of assessing students’ skills in the field. We will investigate the effectiveness of technology-enhanced field learning, including instructional videos, a digital field instruction platform, and the use of tablet computers in spatial problem solving.


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Lena M. Håkansson
Associate professor, UNIS

Responsible for progress domain 4

Field learning