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Progress Domain 3

A learning environment for teachers


Photo: Rie Malm, UiO

Domain 3 focuses on building a collaborative culture for teaching. We will shift the focus away from the personal qualities of individual lecturers towards a collegial effort to establish evidence-based learning practices. The iEarth consortium will promote and implement efforts to systematically investigate the relationships between learning activities and learning outcomes, through the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL). Students will be engaged as partners at multiple levels, ranging from iEarth student representatives, via students as consultants, to students as research collaborators. We will facilitate the dissemination and sharing of knowledge and best practices by arranging teachers retreats, local and national learning forums, courses and workshops. We will sponsor SoTL sessions at international geoscience and education conferences.

Virtual competence centre: an on-line sharing platform for teaching resources, novel approaches, and results from SoTL projects.

The iEarth teaching chair: a position dedicated to initiating and coordinating teaching development projects, who will work to raise the status of teaching across the iEarth consortium.

Evaluation: we are rolling out a geoscience education survey in 2018/19 across the iEarth institutions, which will serve as a baseline for monitoring progress towards our goals.


For more information, contact:


Anders Mattias Lundmark
Associate professor, UiO

Responsible for progress domain 3

A culture for teaching