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Progress Domain 2

A learning environment for students


Photo: Geo, UiB

Domain 2 focuses on the students’ learning process. We will actively engage students in the development of their generic skills. Students will be involved in the why and the how of geoscience knowledge integration, in contrast to the passive memorizing of disconnected facts. The traditional teacher-centered education will be reoriented towards student-active learning through authentic problem solving, with an emphasis on ill-structured problems. Increased awareness of the societal relevance and importance of the education will enhance learning motivation.


Domain 2 will support several different learning arenas and practices, including:

–        Undergraduate research that engages students in sustained investigation of an authentic problem under expert supervision.

–        A bachelor thesis that integrates lab, field and class practices to foster discovery-based learning

–        Writing across the curriculum and writing in the disciplines

–        Computational practices that complement field and lab practices

–        Internships – (see Progress Domain 5)

–        A geoscience skills center to enhance continuity and coherence

–        Fieldwork (see Progress Domain 4)


For more information, contact:


Anders Schomacker
Professor, UiT

Responsible for progress domain 2

Student learning environment