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Progress Domain 1

Shaping the future – meeting tomorrow’s societal challenges


Photo: Fredrik August Wyller, UiB

Domain 1 focusses on the fundamental importance of geoscience education in the face of global challenges. This deep relevance needs to be clearly expressed in the geoscience curriculum. We aim to empower students with an integrated systems perspective and sought-after generic skills, whilst strengthening the disciplinary craftsmanship needed to become a scientist. To pursue this dual goal, students and teachers will be encouraged to take a fresh look at discipline-specific problems, and recast them as instances of a general form of ill-structured problems encountered in real-world situations. We will define discipline-neutral learning themes that mobilize knowledge and skills of broad societal relevance. These learning themes will be used to develop a roadmap for geoscience curriculum development. Existing geoscience curricula will be mapped onto this roadmap to support the systematic development of coherent learning progressions at course level and up to national programme level.

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Bjarte Hannisdal
Researcher, UiB