Who are we:

iEarth is a Centre for Excellence in Education (SFU), a status we were granted by DIKU in 2019 with an official start in june 2020.To be a Centre of Excellence in Education means that we have a responsibility to contribute to the dissemination of knowledge and best practice that can provide an increased quality in higher education both within and outside of the Centre institutions. Our work should stimulate to excellent research based education  through targeted and longterm efforts in developing both teaching and innovative approaches to learning in higher education.

Our vision


iEarth will promote a student-centered, innovative learning environment for future Earth scientists and citizens to meet complex societal challenges and opportunities. This will be done through active learning and real-world problem-solving in a nationally integrated Earth science education with a global perspective.



Centre for Integrated Earth Science Education

Earth science education is a cornerstone of Norwegian Society, underpinning Norway’s major energy and resource based industries, but also key to societal resilience and environmental safety. Yet the Earth sciences are in change, posed by changing climate, shifting energy landscape and resource utilization actually highlight the inter-dependence between human society and our planet. In iEarth, we build a national consortium with broad international networks to transform the Earth Science education in Norway. We will connect excellence in research to excellence in student-active learning by:


  • 〉 Creating a national competence centre for Earth science education


  • 〉 Developing a generic approach to cross-disciplinary earth science education within critical fields of societal relevance (geohazards, resources, energy, environment, climate)


  • 〉 Establishing a coherent system of evaluation to foster teaching excellence and to identify the best practices to disseminate worldwide