iEarths Digital Learning Forum – Jypiter Notebook

Thursday 3rd of  June iEarth and DIKU-SDG hosted a sharing session titled  “Implementing Jupyter Notebooks in teaching: opportunities and challenges”

We  invited three educators who use Jupyter Notebooks in their teaching to share what has worked and what hasn’t worked for them.

  • Lex Nederbragt is a senior lecturer and head of education and training for the Centre for Bioinformatics, UiO. He is also course responsible for BIOS1100, a first semester course that introduces new Bioscience students to Jupyter and Python.
  • Kjersti Daae is an associate professor at Geophysical Institute, UiB, and the Bjerknes Centre. She teaches GEOF105 and GEOF232 with Jupyter and Python.
  • Sigrid J. Bakke is a Doctoral Research Fellow in Physical geography and Hydrology, UiO, and teaches several computer labs in different courses with Jupyter and Python