Do we need two sensors?

In the proposal for the new Universities and University Colleges Act, there has been proposed that it must be required by law to have two examiners for all counting assessments that use grades A-F. The argument for this is to ensure the students’ rights, as well as to give them quality-assured assessments. However, in cases using formative assessment methods and there are several stops during the semester with an assessment, this will be very demanding. The proposed change in the law has engaged many as the proposal will be a fundamental obstacle in the introduction of student active learning forms. Both Christian Jørgensen, Sehoya Cotner and Vigdis Vandvik have written reader posts about this that are worth reading to get acquainted with the case. We as SFU will be particularly affected by this new bill.

Everyone who has applied for iEarth project funds has now received an answer and we are looking forward to many exciting projects that will be started up. Remember that it is possible to apply for follow-up funding if you realize that the project drags on or is more extensive than first thought.

For those of you who follow the announcements in the labor market you may have seen that we have had an ad where we are looking for a new network coordinator for iEarth. This is because Anne is moving to Stavanger with her family, something we are very sad for! Anne has made a fantastic effort for iEarth and has managed to gather the threads in an excellent way over many years. We will probably be hit very hard when she quits – thank you so much for the efforts from all of us! We have now set up a committee to assess the incoming applications and we hope to find a worthy replacement for Anne.

May and June are busy months for everyone in the university sector with exam and assessment work and therefore not the best time to keep up the activity in the development work as we do in iEarth. However, I still hope that you find time to follow the semester’s latest digital learning forum on Thursday 3 June, where several of our colleagues will share their experiences with using Jupyter Note books in teaching. Experiences with the use of new tools are very important to share so that we can all take the right steps in a time with constantly flow of new technology and tools. I take the opportunity to remind everyone on one of the iEarth goals to build a virtual competence centre on iEarth’s website and encourages everyone to submit relevant resources that may be worth sharing.

Finally, I would like to wish everyone a good summer when the time comes and again I want to thank Anne again for all the fantastic work she has put in for iEarth!