Progress Domain 1 – Shaping the Future: The “Task Force” is operational!

On Monday, May 10, the first instalment of the iEarth PD1 Task Force had its inaugural meeting at the UiB Læringslab. This pilot group consists of the PD1 leader and five colleagues from the UiB Department of Earth Science, a member of the UiB Læringslab, a colleague from the Division of Student and Academic Affairs, two PhD candidates in educational science, and an international expert on educational development.

This group will re-imagine the undergraduate program as an integrated network of learning activities that form coherent progressions, with an explicit focus on contextual problem solving and transversal competencies. As part of this process we will map relevant features of the existing program to identify critical student actions, assessments and motivating experiences. We will use graphs (nodes and relationships) as a common representation for both the design and mapping processes to build a shared sense of meaning and understanding across different perspectives. Key principles for the collaborative process include research-informed design, transparency, connectivity, pluralism, and the academic ethos.

Example of generic graph model