Digital Career-day – UiB

Tuesday the 11th of May the iEarth Students in Bergen hosted a digital career-day for their fellow students, for the second year in a row.  

Before the event we had asked 13 representatives from industry and academia to create 10- 15 min videos describing their work life, the transition from being a student to being an employee and some pointers for our students on how to land that first job. The videos were posted on our facebook-event prior to the career-day so that the students could get to know the representatives and think of questions they wanted to ask. 

The careerday was held on Zoom from 12-14 the 11th of May. Bachelor and master students attended alongide the invited representatives making the total of attendees over 60 people. The event worked really great and the students got to ask some excellent questions and the representatives gave good and detailed answers. 

We, the iEarth students at UiB, are very happy with the career-day and we hope that the students got some good information about what opportunities that lay ahead. Thank you to everyone that partook in the event!