iEarth Digital Learning Forum – 25.03.2021

In the latest iEDLF we focused on the implementation of student reflections, with specific examples from Geov114 taught at UiB. We heard from; Isabela Darci, PhD candidate at the Department of Education investigating formative assessment and student engagement in active learning environments, Bjarte Hannisdal, Associate Professor at GEO, UiB, and course responsible for GEOV114 and Øystein Brandsæter Asserson, MSc student at GEO, UiB, and a teaching assistant in GEOV114.

The presentation was titled “Keeping up with student learning: our experience with student reflections”
In this session, we will share the results of implementing student reflections in the course GEOV114 – Introduction to geobiology. We will talk about our rationale for using a learning journal as a window into individual learning processes and discuss what we have—and have not—learned from them. We will look at the benefits and limitations of student reflections in our context for both the students and the instructors.