Meet the iEarth Research Group – Torgny Roxå, academic developer and associated professor, Lund University, Centre for Engineering Education

I’m Torgny Roxå and my job, my passion, is to influence higher education organisations and contexts towards better teaching and better education. I use a cultural approach where teachers are key to constructing and maintaining but also changing teaching cultures, as well as educational traditions. I believe that what has taken research cultures to heights are the norms that discipline our interactions around research results and methods. Adapting some of those could change teaching and higher education, slowly but steadily. It takes a lot of time to change cultures, and that is a good thing. Slow is also good. That’s a reason for why I joined iEarth.

Torgny Roxå

I’m been doing this for more than 30 years and I know it works. But I’ve also realised that my approach does not solve everything. There’s of course more to it. That’s another reason for why I joined iEarth, because there’s always more to it.

I’m a walker, hiker, stroller. Love to go up north together with my wife Eva and a tent. Takes a lot of time to get there though, from Lund. Another reason to join iEarth. I also like romantic movies, good novels, and: 55 years ago, I got this idea, that I should build a model railroad. And now, at the age of 60 I’ve started. Slow but steady – always. Not sure if model railroads relate to iEarth though.