iEarth Digital learning Forum – GeoIntern

The latest iEarth Digital Learning Forum seminar took place on Thursday the 18th of February.  In this seminar Iver Martens, Oda Bjørnsdatter and Ingvild Lorentzen (UiT) presented their talk titled: “How is the program GeoInternship designed to increase the student’s academic learning and employability?”

GeoInternship is a new program at The University of Tromsø that has taken new challenges at hand. Through the institute of geoscience a project named the GeoIntern has applied and received funding from two internal and one external source (DIKU). We were happy to start the new program for the 3rd. year bachelorstudents, this spring at UiT. The project is led by lecturer and PD leader Iver Martens, and will be launched at UiB and UiO the coming fall semester. Several important skills and knowledge gaps in the zone between business and academia will be covered through 12 lectures, cases and seminars in the course. The first part of the course takes knowledge and skill mapping into consideration. The fact that several geoscientists struggle to land that first relevant job after their studies is something we aim to challenge. Oda Bjørnsdatter and Ingvild Lorentzen have a long experience with this types of thinking, and the field of career learning. They have been giving great contributions to the development of the new program, and they will navigate us through the wilderness of mapping and teaching in the field of skills and knowledge.

If you missed the presentation or want to see it again, you can find the recorded session here: