The “GeoPraksis” project will spend 6.3 million NOK on developing internships for bachelor students in the coming years

The Internship project “GeoPraksis  -praksisordning for en arbeidsrelevant utdanning” have received 4.4 million NOK from DIKU.

Find the link to the news update from the ministry of education here:

The department for Geosciences at UiT, the department for Earth sciences at UiO and UiB, NVE, Equinor and NGI applied in the fall of 2020 for financing to establish an internship progtam for bachelor students in Earth Science.

Project leader Iver Martens, UiT

Today we learned that the project got funded and I think this is an important milestone for Earth Science education in Norway . Focus on employability, close collaboration with industry, integration, training in century skills will only increase in importance for the students in the coming years, states project leader Iver Martens, geophysicist at UiT, The Arctic University of Norway.

Showing the industry what skills our students possess and thereby increasing their  eligibility is important, but we also want show the students what possibilities lies ahead after they graduate. This is an important field that should be prioritized says project co-author Siri Karlsen.

The pilot project will start in January 2021 at UiT and will be followed up with a national pilot project in the fall of 2021. A range of industry partners have already shown interest in the project and it is shown through national student body surveys that students are increasingly requesting interships at their respective institutions. We hope that with this project we can increase recruitment, increase satisfaction for Earth Science students nationally and contribute with a best practice model for internships in other disciplines.

The total project framework is 6.321.000 and the projects will fund intership coordinators at UiT, UiO and UiB. The project phase is set to extend over two calendar years.

In September DIKU published a call for up to 40 million NOK for projects leading to increase work relevance in education, strengthening student learning and facing the needs from industry. DIKU received 41 applications with a frame of 190.000.000 NOK.