iEarth Digital Learning Forum – Henrik H. Svensen

The iEarth Digital Learning Forum seminar series continued  26th of November with Henrik H Svensen, Research Professor at CEED (UiO). His presentations is titled “From geology to Earth system science” and here is a short introduction to what he shared in his presentation:

The students that follow the intro course in geoscience at the department in Oslo (GEO1100) will later specialize in geology, geography, or geophysics/climate. So the course has to cover a wide range of topics and build competence needed for the more specialized courses to come. In this presentation I will discuss some of the challenges in planning and structuring the course. How do we choose which topics are best suited to teach Earth system science at an intro-level? And how do we build on what they know from videregående skole? The course has been very interesting to teach and I will share some of the lessons, including impressions from the students. I will also discuss the choice of textbook and end with a suggestion on how the Earth science community in Norway can strenghten the collaboration.

Find the recorded session here: