iEarth Digital Learning Forum – Torgny Roxå

Thursday the 19th of November Torgny Roxå presented his talk titled “My passion is to understand large scale change in higher education” at iEarth Digital Learning Forum.

Torgny Roxå, is an associate professor at Lund University (Sweden) and has 30 years of experience in academic development. He developed the first Excellent Teaching Practitioner scheme, a reward for excellent teachers and their departments, which now runs on its 19th year and has inspired over 30 Swedish and Scandinavian institutions. His research is focused upon strategic change in teaching cultures within higher education organisations, significant networks, and microcultures. Currently he is preoccupied with the emergency transition to online teaching forced by covid-19 researching experiences made by teachers and by students. He is also actively engaged in the Norwegian centre for excellence in education, iEarth (Centre for Integrated Earth System Science Education).

See the recorded session here: