Master Thesis writing course

An iEarth Master’s Thesis writing course, which was funded by Result (UiT), was held at Tromsø’s main campus in early September and was instructed by three recent masters graduates from UiT. The aim of the course was to give upcoming masters students in the 4th and 5th year of their studies insight into the process of writing a master thesis from recent graduates. Having recent graduates design and teach the course allowed students to get useful tips from peers who recently experienced the struggles associated with completing their thesis.

The three graduated master students that designed and taught the writing class. Photo: Iver Martens

The course consisted of two (half) days of lectures with exercises, that was held twice, once for 4th year and once for 5th year students. Students in their 4th year (or first semester of their Master) were given information on how to find a fitting thesis topic as well as how to choose a supervisor. Both classes also provided information on how to structure their thesis, how to make a presentable figure/table, time management and how to properly cite and reference academic material. An emphasis was also placed on the use of different software packages that are available at the university (e.g. Microsoft Word, CorelDraw and Mendeley). The software packages were introduced to the students through small exercises and tutorials which allowed them to become more familiar with each program.

In addition, Dr. Noortje Dijkstra, a Senior Academic Librarian at the Science and Health Library at UiT, taught in the afternoon of both classes and provided information about library resources, literature searches and how to avoid plagiarism. After the course concluded, student feedback in the classroom and from a survey was positive. This response may suggest that students would benefit from attending a similar class annually.