Words from centre leader


Jostein Bakke, centre leader for iEarth

Soon iEarth will enter the next phase with the official start of the SFU on the 1. of June. Today we have sent all papers to DIKU including the center plan for the next five years and signed consortium agreements for all the four institutions. Now we also have funds to free up time and have replacements using DIKU funds and hopefully we will have more time to focus on iEarth work in all institutions.  The main focus at the beginning will be to get the academic academy started and first of all to appoint those who will be Professor 2 in iEarth. We will fill six positions and four of the names are already ready. These are Lene Møller Madsen (UiO), Jan Alexis Nielsen (GEO-UiB), Anders Ahlberg (UNIS or UiT) and Mirjam Glessmer (GFI-UiB). The four adjunct professors will be involved in shaping the five Phd projects based on ideas gathered in the consortium. In June we will have a virtual meeting to discuss these things in more detail.

We have had several exciting topics in our digital learning forum during recent weeks and it is clear that there has been a lot going on lately in terms of using digital aids in teaching. Many of these experiences will certainly continue to be included in the teaching even after the corona situation is over. In the planning of an autumn semester where many things are unclear, there is room to try out even more student active learning methods. It’s time to learn the contents of words like “team-based learning” and “blended learning”. There is a lot of good literature out there from people who have worked with digital solutions in teaching before us. One encouragement is to take a look at this literature for tips and ideas for good implementation.


Good luck with closing the semester and grading of students!


Jostein Bakke