iEarth presented

Iver Martens


Within iEarth, I am the PD leader for the work package that deals with community contact, practice schemes and alumni work.

Here I coordinate and initiate activities related to the above. We are now in the process of raising funds to hire practice coordinators and create course descriptions for practice topics at the various universities. From the fall, we have a hope of getting started with the important work of obtaining an offer of working practices in the studies for geology students. This is something geology students have pointed out as very important to get started through study barometer, career and graduate studies.

At the same time, we also get indications from the business community that they have a great interest in getting in touch with our students. They also want to be able to contribute to our teaching and guidance. This is very popular with both teachers and students.

This is therefore essential in order to ensure the relevance of the geology studies also in the future with a dynamic working life for geologists, with constantly new challenges.

iEarth is an important investment in promoting the attractiveness of geology studies, ensuring that they are just as excellent as we think and want them to be. iEarth will help lift all components of learning and teaching, the student, the teacher, the methods and the collaborations, in an effective synergy.