Foto: UiB

The Olav Thon Foundation funds IceFinse field course

Professor Kerim Nisancioglu and researcher Anne-Katrine Faber from the University of Bergen have recieved funding from the Olav Thon foundation’s support for student active learning for their IceFinse project. This project is a reseach based field course that aims to give students insight into Arctic climate research where the curriculum will be based on the ongoing research of the educators. The field course encompasses glaciology, climate and ice-cores and will be developed over a three year period. During the first two years, the field course will be held at the Finse fieldstation which is managed by the University of Oslo and the University of Bergen. The third and final year the field course will be held on West Greenland on a reseach station managed by the University of Copenhagen.

During the course the students will develop their own research questions, which they will aim to answer by gathering and analyzing relevant data under the guidance of reseachers. The aim is that the project based teaching form will provide the students with both an ownership to and an interest for academic reseach.

Pictures from a similar field course held on Greenland. Photo credit: Kerim Nisancioglu and Morven Muilwijk