iEarth student workshop using Design Thinking

From the 14th to the 15th of January, 11 students from UiO, UniS, UiT og UiB participated in a student workshop organized by us in iEarth. The topic of the workshop was “How can we create the best possible geoscience education for the future”, and the students were  applying the method of Design Thinking to illuminate challenges and create solutions. The students were tasked with defining their own challenges within the scope of the workshop and then work together with a team of mentors from industry and academia to come up with the best solutions for these challenges. Based on the challenges that they themselves defined the students split into two teams, where one team worked towards improving communication between students and industry and the other team worked towards creating a better communication between students and their educators.

By talking to their fellow students and their mentors , the students were able to come up with creative solutions that they presented at the end of the workshop. The group working at the interface between industry and students came up with an idea where second year bachelor students gets to visit a company for a period of time to learn about that specific company as well as what geologists hired there actually do. When the internship period is over the student returns and holds a presentation.  The group working towards better communication between educators and students came up with several solutions including a feedback system that allows for a quicker evaluation of both students and lectures.  Another suggestion was to create a compendium of lecture templates created by educators for other educators thus allowing the teaching staff to easily inspire each other.

Student workshop 14-15 January. Photo credit: Åshild Nylund and Anne Stensland