Seminar med Lene Møller Madsen


Den 24. februar ble det avhold seminar med Lene Møller Madsen, førsteamanuensis ved Institut for Naturfagenes Didaktik, Univeristetet i København.

Tema for seminaret var hva er studentenes læringsutbytte gjennom praktisk arbeid, både i laboratorium og felt.

Practical work like laboratory work and fieldwork is integrated parts of many science educational programmes. However what do students learn through practical work?, and is it the same in different types of practical work?

The presentation will departure from these questions and present an overview of different styles of thinking that practical work in science involves. I will engage you in mapping out different types of thinking in practical work.

The rest of the presentation will focus on planning and teaching in the field. By sharing the 6F inquiry model we use for teacher training at the University of Copenhagen I will discuss the role of using data in the field as well as the role of formative feedback for student learning.

Seminaret ble arrangert av CCSE og iEarth.